Pomarance Confetti Vacchetta
Pomarance Confetti Vacchetta
ATP Atelier

Pomarance Confetti Vacchetta

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Pomarance Confetti Vacchetta by ATP Atelier

- H 13cm, W 21cm, D 6.5cm
- Calf leather vacchetta
- This item is made of Tuscan vegetable tanned leather. Every item is unique and slight variations in color may appear. It will not remain pristine and sleek but rather age beautifully over time.
- Handmade in Italy

Material: Calf leather vacchetta
Care: Wash your darling leather items with a cloth dipped (not soaked) in water & soap. Pat dry. Then apply a small amount of cream on a cotton cloth and work it in to the leather in circular motions, 2 – 3 cm at a time, until the cream is fully absorbed. If your leather sole is starting to wear out – apply some there too. Make sure to not get cream on the edges of the soles, though. And for bags, avoid using colored leather cream on bags, as there is a risk excess cream discoloring your clothing.

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