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Quality pieces with interesting design curated in a stylish way has always been my my personal style, mixing up new and older pieces to create a more original and eclectic look.

As a fashion lover thinking about the future, I also want to move to a truly more sustainable way of living where goods are not just thrown away at the end of a season to make way for a new version in the next.

Below are 4 tips I use to refresh my wardrobe in a more sustainable way and stay current.

1. Buy the Best You Can

    I believe that by buying good quality pieces – they will stand the test of time and that it is possible to restyle with minor tweaks and still feel up to date. True quality is never out of fashion.

    2. Dress for Who You are Now

      People change over time in terms of their lifestyle as well as their shape and size.  I believe we look our best when we dress for now i.e. the person we are right this minute & the lifestyle we are living, not the person we want or think you should be.

      3. Don't get Stuck in the Past

      If you feel your style is stuck in the 90's and no longer reflects the person you are now, then maybe it’s time to take a critical look at your wardrobe. Being honest and true may be difficult, but it can be really liberating! Buddy up with a trusted mate over a glass of fizz or engage a professional stylist and do a wardrobe deep dive – to find the best version of yourself in your current life.

      4. Love it or List it

      Try on every item & rate it on the fit and how you feel in it. Ill-fitting clothes are not a good look,  squeezing into a size too small will make you look bigger and wearing clothes too big can look frumpy & dowdy. First impressions are usually correct so listen to that inner voice and you should end up with 3 piles.

      Love It - Items that fit, make you feel good and match your lifestyle these are the keepers.
      Alterations  - Almost there but not quite so maybe a slight alteration is needed i.e.  a minor repair, let out or take in a seam or lengthen or shorten the hem.  Minor alterations can transform an item but anything else is reconstruction so let it go and move on.
      List It - If it doesn’t fit or make you feel good then let it go! Donate it to charity - give it to a friend or family member or sell it through eBay or Vestiaire or a local dress agency, just don’t put it in the rubbish bin where it will end up in landfill.

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