Capturing Cambridge

Cambridge Waystowear

Rohiny Belani aka @asweetrohmance approached us at Elegant Atelier, back in Oct 2018 to see if we were interested in supporting her on a photo shoot. The pictures taken by Elodie Giuge @misselodiephotophy were amazing so we agreed to do another collaboration in Feb this year.  We provided some of the wardrobe and these two talented artists did the rest along with some help from make-up artist Hayley Tate @asennavheathandbeauty.  

The theme was to capture everything synonymous with Cambridge, the colleges & the river and overall atmosphere. It turned out to be a super day weather wise,  Rohniy looked stunning wearing two of our favourite scandi brands @stinegoyastudio and @custommade_official and Elodie worked her magic behind the lense.

Some of the pictures along with an articale by Rohiny were publised in Velvet magazine's April Edition.

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